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​a brief history of st. andrew's

The congregational charter was drafted and adopted in 1950. That same year the first building of the current location was completed. Over the next decades the church grew and changed with the surrounding neighborhood. In 1996 the struggling Norwegian Lutheran congregation of Our Savior’s Lutheran Church near downtown Los Angeles voted to join with St. Andrew’s after a lengthy discernment process. Funds from the sale of their property gave the integrated St. Andrew’s congregation the resources to consider a building program.  At the 50th Anniversary in 2000 St. Andrew’s began a planning process for a new building. The beautiful current facility is the product of those efforts. St. Andrew’s identifies closely with the surrounding community and hosts a wide range of events, meetings, and retreats.

In 2005 Pastor Carol Nolte was diagnosed with aggressive cancer.  A beloved leader and confidant, her death was devastating for the congregation and neighborhood. Nolte Hall is named in her honor and houses the Carol Nolte Library Collection. In 2012 St. Andrew’s is proud to have called Caleb Crainer as the current pastor as we continue to live into God's calling for our community to be increasingly connected to our community and our changing world. 

Our Name “St. Andrew’s” comes from our deep commitment to be followers of Christ. Andrew was the first apostle to follow Jesus. He introduced others to the ministry of Jesus, but was eventually killed because he chose to remain faithful to Christ in the face of oppression. Andrew refused to stop encouraging others, caring for the marginalized, and speaking out against injustice. His example speaks profoundly to life at St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church today as we continue to serve and love through life's ups and downs.

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