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Join us as we brush up on all things Lutheran.

Pastor Caleb will be teaching an introduction to Luther, Lutherans and Lutheranism over two Wednesday nights (January 11 and 18, 2017) 

Whether you are very familiar with Lutheranism or you have no clue about any of it, this class will be a great time to explore this part of our Christian tradition together. 

If you can't come both nights, that's fine, but they go together.

Topics we will cover include:

-Context of the Protestant Reformation

-Who was Martin Luther? Who were his buddies?

-The Lutheran Confessions and our Foundations

-How the Protestant movement shaped our faith

-American Lutheran History

-Lutheran Theological development

-Modern Global Lutheran movements

-What do we have in common with other Christians?

-What makes Lutherans distinct?


Of course, Pastor Caleb has learning activities and  some good discussion topics for us too. Please invite friends. 

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