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St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church endeavors to be a welcoming, respectful, and inclusive community for people of all ages, faiths, gender identities, ethnic backgrounds, socioeconomic statuses, and sexual orientations. We strive to nurture and support individuals, families, and children of greater Mar Vista. Our mission is to nourish each other in God’s love.


-We will worship together in Lutheran practice, with bold innovation and reverence for tradition, paying special attention to welcoming guests.

-We will seek to enrich the lives of families with children in our community by learning alongside them and embracing creative changes and opportunities.

-We will serve and honor our elder friends and neighbors by anticipating their needs and modeling gentleness and respect.

-We will be generous stewards of God’s gifts and gracious stewards of God’s earth by utilizing sustainable options whenever possible.

-We will respect and empower those who lack dignity and agency by providing choices and opportunities within the scope of our resources.

general ministries

St. Andrew's is active in our local community. We provide many opportunities to connect with organizations and advocacy groups in West Los Angeles. We collect food for the West Side Food Bank. Our WELCA group compiles gift boxes and health kits. We host Red Cross Blood Drives and have been active in the West LA area.  Our congregation is an imperfect community blessed with time and talents we use in many ways to serve one another.  Currently we are exploring ways the church can get more invested in the world of childhood education because of our relationships with nearby schools. 


kid's ministries

St. Andrew's celebrates the participation of our youngest neighbors. We host an all-ages children's Sunday School at 9:30am before church each Sunday.  During the summer we host a Vacation Bible School program. Each Sunday is full of the sound of children as they are entirely integrated into the life of the community through worship, opportunities to play drums and other musical instruments, a kid's activity table, and a weekly special message for kid's and their families. St. Andrew's is a diverse community, with families of all types.  Bi-cultural families, Same-Gender Loving families, Divorced Families, and Families new to the Christian tradition are all heartily welcome in this place. 


ministries of st. andrew's

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