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Mar Vista Slow Streets

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Los Angeles Department of Transportation started a program to encourage safe outdoors activity by offering to designate some streets as "Slow Streets." These areas allow people to recreate safely while socially distancing. The Slow Streets encourage only local traffic and slower speeds. We are excited to participate in this city program! 

In May 2020, members of St. Andrew's who live in our neighborhood suggested that the church could sponsor an application. We surveyed the neighborhood online methods. Our neighbors were strongly in favor of the initiative. At the end of that month we submitted the proposal. Later we found out our application did not encompass enough streets, so we were combined with another smaller application from West of Barrington. Together our application was  approved in August 2020. 

Our program launches on September 18th, 2020! We know people will have questions, so we've created this site to help you find the answers about Slow Streets. 

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North Westdale Slow Streets Map
There are many Slow Streets projects around LA. There is not public list to discourage visitors. There is one located North of Pico, East of Fairfax if you'd like to see what it's like.
Here's a video of Frequently Asked Questions from Pastor Caleb and Damien
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Send in your questions and feedback to Damien using this handy form.

Thanks for submitting!

Neighborhood feedback is an important part of this program. The city will create a feedback form and we will help distribute the link by posting it here. 
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Slow Streets in the news:

Slow Streets is already a big success in other cities! 

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